Just a while on sedentary, took my best foot wear on a well washed natives and landed my eyes wear to the normal position and then drove-off with my renovated jalopy and away was I for the day’s experience! Then the nice and dancing trees bid me good luck and I decided to have a tete-a-tete with her, after which she dashed my black polished bag five of her best products, wow! That was fantastic!

From their I decided to visit the running and cool streams, they were so happy and grateful for seeing their best pal. We both talked and talked till the scorching sun began being momentous and was left with no option, but to go and see my place of residence. Then, and only then was the stream able to wash away the little dirt from the tree’s product and away, I drove-off!

Wow! These elements are very crucial to my living, I thought for a while. But I observed in all that these natural elements, the sun, rocks, trees, winds and a whole lot of them seems to be aggravated and happy when I speaks to them and can only be elucidated and explicated when I visits. That’s a mind-blowing adventure even from the brain cells to the phalanges, a wonderful one indeed!


What is life? Wow! Life is relatively proportional to everything we encounter be it positive or negative.

Whatever you face, never give up on yourself. Walk up to the mirror each day and tell your self “I can do it!”. Think of that each day and you will reach the sky!

Okoye Daniel,

God’s Instrument of Change!



The Watchman Campus Fellowship, an arm of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement is hosting a 3-day power packed programme in the University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

Its another time of encounter with The Almighty God in spirit and in truth and it is set to usher you in academic success in the upcoming examination!

Date: Friday 28th -Saturday 30th, October, 2016

Time: Friday and Saturday-6pm daily, Sunday-8:00am

Venue: Watchman Campus Fellowship, Independence (Indy) Hall Car Park, U.I.

Make it a deal to be there!!!