10 Easy steps to Understanding Archaeology

The issue of having better knowledge on certain concepts or ideas has been hovering around the human minds and leaving them with no option than to become totally indecisive and fatigable.

Having considered that, I tried to proffer certain steps which can ameliorate such ‘headache’.

1- Good rest:
Before you can have the total or partial knowledge about anything, you need to have a good rest for proper functions and functioning.

2- Optimistic mindset:
Have a good and sound mindset concerning anything you want to come out or be best upon.

3- Lexicon or Dictionary:
The use of the dictionary can actually help in understanding varieties of keywords that when you use it right, you will convey all your thought in the required manner.
Eg: Artefacts = Arte (art) + facts (information), etc.

4- Comprehensiveness
Try to understand the activities going on within your environment and try to be practical, not only theoretical.

5- Generating Examples
Citing examples is also necessary. Examples helps to explain that you really know what you are talking about .Try citing crucial and meaningful ones.

6- Study to Know
Never have the mindset of studying or reading for the sake of passing. Study to know and to solve problems when the need arises-practical aspect.

7- Forum For Discussion
Try to discuss what you have known or acquired with peers or people around to know how good you can be.

8- Be Inquisitive
Try to ask questions when in doubt. Ask questions that are related to the thread of discussion as some people hates replying to an unconnected questions.

9- Meeting Seniors
Also try to associate with those that you believe to have trodden the path where you are now. Seek their opinion about how to also tread their previous paths.

10- Pray Always
Prayer is the only way that ones way can be smooth. Therefore, you need to hand over every obstacle that have been witnessed by others to your creator, and I’m optimistic that you will be that person that the world is looking for.

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Archaeology: The master of all!

The issue of having full understanding of the discipline or rather put, subdiscipline of Anthropology has become a bone in the neck of most people, if not all. I tend to proffer some hints or rightly put-successful guidelines to having an absolute knowledge on the subject matter–Archaeology in my next article.

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Writing: An art or a spirit?

When you hear or writing what comes to your mind? I guess you will say that it refers to the way of passing ideas on papers. Well, that’s a tiny fraction of everything.
Writing deals more of conveying thoughts through words of convenience and comprehension. Do you agree? What’s your view about it?

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