That hovering thought!

In the early hours of a pleasant Saturday morning, between the sleeping and eating periods, when the chucklings of the birds and the bleating of the goats was heard no more, when the scorching sun was no more and the pregnancy of the cloud was near, when the winds were soundy and the farmers’ plants thirsty for water, then was a triggering and clueless thoughts inhabiting a particular entity. At that moment, the long rest had gone on a vacation, leaving behind, a compromising and ‘instinctive’ thought!
After several hours, the chuckles of the birds and barking of dogs were heard, and then was the presence of a white cloud in dressed beautiful apparels and lovely robes for the days blessing. Having observed all these, I went to answer the calling of the chores and decided the next line of activity-playing games, visiting a friend, calling some old folks or catching the lost sleep. I decided to take a walk.
While walking, I found out that I’ve been dressed in costly apparels just like the morning cloud. I put on a nice and black-coloured pair of  glasses, a scholar’s bag on my back and a nicely sprayed deodorant, afterwards, I set-off. I walked like a man taking a survey and not having the basic skills. As I kept on walking aimlessly, I observed the noise from a long pathway and noticed that it must be a market scene, wow! I thought of what to get but was confused as to what to eat for that day. I saw animals bleating, trees waving and the songs of the vehicles and then decided to get a nicely prepared Scotch egg, which was attractive to the organs!
And I tried to get things needed for the body’s build-up, but sighted something which I couldn’t explain at first sight until I needed a close examination and comprehension. What was it that I sighted?  I saw that different……

To be continued…


Author: Daniel Okoye

Daniel Nwachukwu Okoye is a Motivator and Counselor from his early life. Feel free around!

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